What is God doing through OLAM at this time?

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We will soon have an application that you can print.  If you have a

desire to apply, please contact us and we will send you an

application or you can copy and paste what is below to a

word document.

Application for Board Membership - Creekside Gathering Place                 Date______________________

Creekside Gathering Place is under the umbrella of OLAM (Our Lordís Ambassadorsí Ministries) a

 non-profit 501c3 whose purpose is to promote the Kingdom of God as presented in the Bible. It is not

attached to a specific church or denomination, yet attached to all believers. Through The Gathering Place

we will reach out to Buena Vista and the Arkansas River Valley, providing opportunity for everyone to

embrace their identity and destiny. OLAMís board will choose an Advisory board that will accurately

represent God and the vision of Creekside in the local area. Because it is unlikely that you can meet

the OLAM board face to face before Board election this application will provide needed criteria for the

board to elect the Creekside Gathering Place Advisory Board.

(All information supplied is confidential and for the stated purpose only)

Name _________________________________________Phone # ________________________

Email ___________________________________Home Distance to Creekside_______________

Describe how you see the daily operation of Creekside and why you want to be involved. Be specific.


Briefly list your volunteer experience and current involvement, including times as a volunteer.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Circle intended areas of involvement.    Board memberonly      Prayer                   Administration 

Host Public hours             Host events        Recruit volunteers           Fund raising        Property Maintenance

Promoting/Advertising                  Provide finances or resources                    Kitchen help       Accounting        

Network with:   churches              businesses          other non-profits             social/ civic groups           other

Additional ideas or comments for intended participation. ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What life experience, jobs, talents, character traits, giftings etc. qualify you to be involved in the decision making and operation of Creekside Gathering Place?


List your current obligations and time necessary to fulfill them. i.e.  job hours, parenting, school, church


Describe your philosophy of financial stewardship and lifestyle traits that characterize it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What percentage, excluding mortgage, of your income goes to debt _____________________________

Describe evangelism as you would represent it. ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe your current relationship with God. ___________________________________________


List 2 references that we may contact for recommendation

Name____________________________________ Contact info _________________________________

Name____________________________________ Contact info _________________________________

Use the back side of this page to write a brief description of yourself and any other details you feel are applicable to board selection. i. e. family, age, limitations, bilingual, education etc.


Mail application to OLAM, P. O. Box 841 Buena Vista,  CO 81211 or place in donation box at Creekside.

(203 Cedar St.) For questions contact Eve Casto                 Phone 719-221-6124       Email ric-evecasto@olam1.org