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Creekside Current Schedule April 2013

The plan is to have an open house in April. And do an official GRAND OPENING maybe in May when the weather is nicer and the owners can come. This will give us time to work out a volunteer schedule, event schedule, menu items, equipping/cleaning/stocking needs etc…. The main purpose of this email is to let you know where we are in this “working out” and to get commitments from those of you who can to plan an event or host some consistent days/hours so we can advertise being open. I will be reworking and printing the brochure and make some fliers to post around town and to pass out to the local churches and businesses. It would be great if we could have HOURS OF OPERATION  on them and some help spreading those around town. If we each take some to places we have relationship with and share the vision of Creekside, this would be more effective. We are now members of The Chamber also so you can advertise your events through their network. Their email ad goes out on Wednesday I believe. Would you like to have some business cards also? I can make some generic ones you can use to add your personal info on the back when you give them out.


Current Schedule


Prayer meeting on Monday 3-5 pm (Hopefully weekly at Creekside)

                                Art classes Tuesday 1:30-3 pm

                                Wednesday volunteers cooking Entrees and Baking treats to be offered through the weekend. 9:30 ish am til done.

(Let me now if you want to participate)

8th grade girls Bible Study Wednesday 3 pm

Men’s Bible Study Wednesday 6:30 pm

                                Dinner & Fellowship Thursday Night 6-10 pm (Richard are you interested in hosting games?)

                                Bible Study Friday (Roberta let me know details)

                                Saturday Craft classes & ACA meeting (Carol let me know your details)