What is God doing through OLAM at this time?

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Our  Lord's  Ambassadors  Ministries   Inc.

203 Cedar St, PO Box 841, Buena Vista, CO 81211

Kingdom Ambassadors,

Revealing who God is,

Restoring who we are &

Reconciling all in Christ

We are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.  We are not here to represent ourselves but the Kingdom of our Father.  The definition of ambassador is one who is sent to represent and plant the culture of the Kingdom from which they have been sent.  Please don't let this imply we are religious, because we are not.  The truth as we understand it is the "Word of God made flesh" namely Jesus is a real person, who facilitates a relationship with The Father.  Without that relationship the Word is just simply words on the page of a good book.  He wants to be our sole source for all things.  Yes, he will use other channels but ultimately He is the source.  God is a spirit and we must connect with Him on a spiritual level.  So the struggle for all of us is to live by the Spirit(our relationship with The Father) and not by the flesh(our own knowledge of good and evil). 

We are here to reveal the love of our Creator for His creation.  We hope to accomplish this by bringing a true picture of who God is and how He wants to relate to us.  We want all to experience the love of God, The Father (or Papa as I call Him) as He originally intended us to experience it.  By His grace He has provided the means to do just that.  His heart is overflowing with love for all of us, His children.  By expressing and sharing that with all people, it is our desire that all would come to a full reconciliation of their thoughts with His. This not only affects how they see "The Father" but how they see themselves and others. The grace for you is the same as the grace for all.  Only by seeing all through the same grace (in Christ) can we be truly at peace with God, ourselves, and others. It's the goodness of God that draws men to repentance.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” St. Francis of Assis